On Thursday morning, July 16, 2020, at the Diocese’s Cathedral, Bishop Joseph Dinh Duc Dao, Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese, presided over the Ceremony of Priesthood for 39 Diocesan Deacons.

It is a wonderful gift that, through mercy, God has given the Diocese of Xuan Loc an additional 39 Lord priests, who assume the sacred ministry, becoming incarnations of Jesus to proclaim transmitting and giving the mercy of God upon his people.

Joining together with the Diocese’s Bishop during this special Mass, there were Rev. Joseph Nguyen Nang, Archbishop of Saigon Diocese, Bishop John Do Van Ngan, Bishop of the Diocese of Xuan Loc, and Rev. Minh Minh. Nguyen Chu Trinh, Former Bishop of the Diocese, and more than 400 priests including Father Joseph Doan Viet Thao, Superintendent of St. Joseph Xuan Loc Seminary, Reverend Deputy Superintendent, Seminary Superintendent, and Superintendent county, Father inside and outside the Diocese. At the same time, a large contingent of faithful Eucharistic communion included Saint Joseph Seminary Seminary, fellow monks and nuns, Gentlemen and Grandparents and families of relevant Priests and parishes. with the ordained Deacon.

At 8:30 am, concelebration from the campus of the Parish House entered the Church in holiness and meaningful meaning. The image of the priests, the Priests and the Father in white clothes in the procession of more than 400 priests extending forever is indeed a very beautiful and very valuable image.

That image just speaks of a thriving Church because it has a large number of priests and at the same time evokes the radiant glory of God, as well as the holy purity of the Church from the white dress of the priests. he is wearing.

After the readings, Rev. Joseph began to celebrate the Ceremony of Priesthood for Priests. With three parts including the Rite of the Ceremony, the Rite of the Sacrament, the Rite of Interpretation, the Exodus was performed with a commentary that not only helped the Priests, but also helped the attending community to understand and experience the holiness of the community. The Priesthood, as well as what future priests the Lord needs to perform in their ministry.

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