As we mark another year of truth-telling, speaking facts with honesty without fear or favour to power, our consciences, society, Holy Mother, the church, and to our brothers and sisters; let us do these with all sincerity and deep convictions.

For by doing these, the just man shall exult and rejoice exceedingly and the truth for which our patron saint was beheaded on August 29, shall always stand tall – shining its bright light as it has done in all ages.

Well, let’s celebrate in truth, grace, and the love of God which passeth all understanding. Finally, let us deeply look in the innermost part of our consciences and seek or fetch answers to the needful questions,

“Am I being truthful to my brothers, sisters, high authority, the Church, the order we profess and practice and to society in my deeds and words”? ” Does my greetings depict a true brotherly love and sisterly affection to my fellow Brothers & Sisters in all true sense of fraternity? What does it mean when I say “Bro or Sis” or my lady? Am I the real embodiment of my brothers’ keeper, my sisters’ keeper in times of needs, distress, happy and sad moments? Are my thoughts & words charitable in the presence or absence of my brother or sister? Are my handshakes and hugs only meant to be cosmetic and for the press and on-lookers?

What are my meaningful contributions to the Church, my home, community, and society? Am I a real leader with a good heart and the required leadership abilities for the good of the order or I am only in this for showmanship and the associated accolades and high table applauds? Do I support brothers and sisters who are true leaders with the requisite credentials or I only do for “political” accommodations and personal aggrandizement – all to the detriment of the order? Are my support for leaders at all levels of my order or auxiliary based on the true sense of professionalism, equity, truthfulness, competence, well-articulated and actionable leadership abilities and good heart void of divisiveness, all-knowing, divide-and-rule, witch hunt, sectionalism, tribalism, regional or geographic orientation and comradery?

As a member, what are my contributions and what do I bring to the table in making our order and church better and increasingly improving? What does feast day mean to me? Is our order still living the true meaning of its creed, preamble, core values, mission & vision? What is the Knights of St John International? What does it mean to be a defender of our faith? Are we truly defenders? What is different from this feast day than the ones before? #DeepReflections #DeepThoughts.

As we deeply reflect on these – some rather vexing concerns, we must all muster the courage to be good and well meaningful knights for God & Our Country and be guided by our consciences as we individually and collectively make a 360-degree alignment, realignment and adjustments in all manner, shape or form!

Happy Feast Day! Happy Patron Saint Day! Let’s Enjoy it with deep reflections!


AUTHORED BY Frank Antwi.
St. Paul Commandery #416
Techiman Bono East Region

Constructions in this piece are solely that of the author and do not in any way depict views of AGNUS-DEI MEDIA, thus inaccuracies fall solely on the shoulders of the author

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