We bless the Lord for our lives and we continue our reflection on prayer. We pick Moses as a pattern of prayer.
It is God who makes himself present so that we commune with him. Moses experiences the presence of God and gathers the inner courage to commune with him. He prays so directly, sincerely, straight forward and confidently, humbly trusting God’s intervention and presence. The results is marvelously wonderful; “Look, I am now making a covenant: I shall work such wonders at the head of your people as has never been worked in any country…”

Prayer is not about shouting so loud that you lose your voice, it is not jumping and moving up and down so much so that you end up sweating heavily, it is not so much about how skillful you craft your words or how long you try to “convince” the Lord.

Prayer involves:
1. A cultivation of the Lord’s presence at the place we intend to pray
2. An admittance of God’s power and readiness to lovingly hear whatever you say
3. Sincerely opening the heart to God; being “naked” in his presence
4. Simply telling the Loving Father that which has filled your heart.
5. Believing that in all that you have said, the Lord will give you the best, not the good nor the better.

At prayers, may we not behave as if we are holier than the Holy Spirit. The Lord’s ears are not too hard to hear nor is his hands so short to save. We pray to a loving Father not an unapproachable major or king who can only be approached through a strict protocol procedures.

Authored by Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare of Obuasi Catholic Diocese.


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