We are made for God and cannot get anywhere if we desert or ignore the Lord. One way of drawing close to God is through prayer. In this mid year period, we turn our minds to the usefulness of prayer in a way that makes prayer relevant and easy to practice.

Prayer is a family communication. If God is our daddy, then we can call prayer a chat with our loving daddy. Calling prayer A CHAT WITH OUR LOVING DADDY changes many perceptions about prayer.

It is no more artificial or something strictly formal. It is all about respectfully enjoying some moments with the lover daddy.
That will mean, prayer is not too much of a work. It is a deliberate leisure time. We find moment to be with the beloved daddy.
It becomes more fascinating if we know the nature of our daddy. Absolutely, he is gentle and never get upset.

He enjoys the moment more than our words, and he takes us as very important children of his (he allowed his son to die for us).
Now, if I deliberately ignore such a loving, kind, good, gracious, and important daddy, then there should be something wrong with me.

He is wise and directs me for my betterment. Not praying means ignoring the greatest personality. Could this not be a snob of a sort?
So we see that not praying means ignoring God. The implication is that I am cutting myself off the best channels of improvement and favour in life.
Prayerlessness makes us weak and vulnerable.

God initiated prayer (chat with his created children). He visited Adam and Eve each day in the garden of Eden.
After the fall, God kept interracting with humanity. Think about Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, etc., all in Genesis.
David would not make a major move without consulting God. The moments he avoided that, he landed in deep trouble.


Let us jump to few words of Jesus about prayer.
~Pray without ceasing
~Pray that you do not fall into temptation
~When you pray say….
~You should ask my father whatsoever you desire, and he will grant you.
In a sense, we are commanded to pray. God knows we need him. He does not want to see us defeated so he “orders” us to pray.

To refuse what God commands is to disobey him. Thus, not engaging in prayer becomes a sin.
Coupled with that, it is a sign that we don’t like ourselves.


Authored by Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare of the Catholic Diocese of Obuasi

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