The Cathedral Chapter of the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary, have donated some items to the Lord Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Rt. Rev’d Dr. Daniel S. M Torto.

Mr. Vincent Laryea,the Chief Server made the presentation on behalf of the Executives and Members of the Guild and the Cathedral Church of the Most Holy Trinity.

He hinted on the need to give back to the Church, what God has blessed them with, to show his Loving kindness hence the reason for the donation.

The Diocesan Bishop for the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Rt. Rev’d. Dr. Daniel S.M Torto, received the items and expressed profound gratitude to the leadership and members of the Guild.

Items donated were Missal Stand, Lenten, Altar Frontal, Humeral Veil, Boxes of Candles with matches, Communion Wine, Priest Host, Peoples’ Wafer, Bottles of Drinking water, Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectants. These items were blessed by the Lord Bishop and dedicated purposely for the Bishop’s Chapel to aid in the televised Eucharistic services on AdoaTV.

The Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary are Significant Altar personnel who provide assistance to the Priest celebrating the Eucharistic Mass.

They are found in every Catholic and Anglican Church across the globe. Going by the slogan, I SERVE WITH JOY AND GLADNESS, does not only remind them of their task in growing God’s church but also show their level of commitment and loyalty to God’s Work.

By Reginald Robertson//

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