I have been celebrating my 70+ (seventy plus) birthday today with my grandchildren and their mothers. It has been a very busy day for me. Not that I am complaining since I enjoyed the day to the max. Thanks to all of you that sent me goodwill messages or called me or prayed for my salvation and wellbeing. I even had a makeshift choir of three singing for me from Ghana. They sounded like St. Michael was conducting them as it was simply heavenly.

I just received a call and the caller was asking me how I feel on my birthday. Well, I said, I feel today what I felt yesterday. There is no difference for me between yesterday and today and even tomorrow, I do not know of any major changes in my life. All I know is that I will keep going forward doing what I have been called to do to the best (maybe not best but better) of my ability.

Should I choose, I will choose to do the same thing I have done with my life over the past seventy plus years. God be praised who gives life like a mother dishing out food to each of her children. The Psalmist says “Welcome indeed is the heritage that falls to me.” Psalm 16; 5. That is how I feel tonight. I feel gratitude to God and to each of you who touch my life daily. You are the difference in my life. You call forth the good in me and encourage me like good midwives of life to be the best I can be. I owe all of you a debt of gratitude.

It was exactly a year yesterday when my appointment as bishop of Gaborone was made public. It has been a roller-coaster of year. People have been helpful and full of commitment. I love my people. God bless them all.

A new culture is building up in our part of the world. It is called “After Tears.” After an adversity like death, friends gather to console, comfort and cheer the bereaved with a surprise party. Upon reading my letter to Mr. George Floyd some are suggesting to have an “after tears” event to help me cope. It was suggested that I take time to grieve my loss. What many people want to know is how I met George and what our relationship has been. I said all that I wanted to share with the public in my letter to him. In the light of the developments in America, I am content that the death of George is not in vain. It has triggered a desire to reset the social compass in these challenges times. People have to face reality and realize that oppression cannot be perpetuated until the kingdom comes. The Black Caucus in Congress is to table a motion tomorrow on Police brutality and how to curb that menace. We wait in hope, we wait in the labor room. Peace is on the way, but it is going to cost those who had been sitting on the neck of others for a long time. Change has never been cheap but when it comes, we all enjoy it.

In church we are celebration the feast of the three in one and one in three. It is a doctrine of the Christian faith and I believe that God is one and yet God is three distinct Persons. We learn from this mystery, unity of vision, purpose, action and love. For Christians to live and act as if they do not know God is itself a mystery promoted by the devil who is a liar. I wish a happy feast of the Holy and Undivided Blessed Trinity to all believers.

I am keeping it short today and wish all of you a productive work week. Just remember to mask up and keep the physical distance.

Authored by Bishop Frank Nubuasah




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