My heart still goes out to the esteemed gentleman whose car was burnt last Saturday at the shopping Mall. I have been informed by very reliable sources that the fire was not a result of human error but an accident. Contrary to my comments, there was NO PETROL in the boot of the car. All valuables were retrieved as the fire started. No one was hurt in the inferno. I still think of the family and wish them well. It could happen to anyone. Beware!

I saw news in the newspaper today that made me both glad and sad. A young woman was raped by a senior public official who then threatened to harm her or her family if she reported the case. Now, she has started a group or movement candidly named WOMEN AGAINST RAPE (WAR). I am sad because of what happened to her. I cannot begin to understand the trauma she suffers. Maybe she cries herself to sleep many a night as a result. Journeying with women who have gone through similar experiences in my former life, I appreciate the courage and determination that she has to come out and publicly share with the world her ordeal.

She deserves our support not sympathy. What she needs is not words, but action. She needs above all, men who would stand shoulder to shoulder with her to educate, teach, challenge and conscientize other men about the wrongfulness of rape. Rape is rape and there can be no justification for it. A real man does not rape anyone, not even his own wife or daughter. How I wish we in the church would take this up and fight it starting with ourselves. Our men’s groups have a new challenge. This WAR must not be left to die or to be still born.

The ‘new market place’ for evangelization is human behavior. Mobilization for conscience formation towards lasting change is what we need. If we are going to have any influence on the behavior formation and change of men, those who preach must set the example. Preachers like me should not just talk and shout at people but lead by example. We must walk the talk. Civic leaders should motivate people by their lifestyle. Traditional leaders have a lot of influence on people as we look up to them.

Let them help in the behavior change that the courageous, brave and strong young lady is calling for. I stand by her and would do what I can to support her cause as it is also the cause of all my sisters, mothers and daughters. St. Augustine said long ago that “those who begin to love, begin to go out.” Those who love go out, go towards others. We go out to express our love by doing good. The first step is the most important one.

Due to the frequent blackout in my part of town, I decided to go shopping for rechargeable lamps. I found one and at the till, the lady explained to me how it works even though it was not her task. I just asked whether the power cable was in the pack. She gave me the most beautiful smile when I thanked her for going the extra mile. She made my day and I am sure she will brighten many lives today.

That was a small act of kindness that has gone a long way. Reflecting on that experience, I want to share with you what the religious group known as the Amish practice. They are mostly found in the state of Pennsylvania in America. Upon a visit to one of their towns out of curiosity, I found this sign board. “There are no strangers here, only friends we haven’t yet met.”

You are not a stranger to me. You are my friend I am waiting to meet. At that meeting, we can experience a bit of heaven on earth. The music of love would be on our lips for we would have found each other as children of God.
Dear Lord,
Hasten that meeting
Let us know what love is
Give us a taste of heaven while still on earth.

Authored by Bishop Frank Nubuasah

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