The Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), an agency of the Catholic Church which includes the Bishops of Africa and Madagascar has presented a suggestion for debt forgiveness as an aside means of trimming down the hardships sprouting up from the global pandemic.

Cardinal Philippe Ouédraogo, President of SECAM, notes that the Catholic Church in Africa is making plea for debt forgiveness in an urgent regard considering the soul wrecking effects of COVID-19.

In a Pentecost message he delivered, Cardinal Philippe Ouédraogo, said “thinking beyond COVID-19, we, as leaders and representatives of the Church in Africa and Madagascar, would like to urgently appeal to officials of bilateral and multilateral aid agencies to take a closer look at the case of Africa, which is currently facing the problem of lack of resources in the fight against the pandemic and the lack of safety kits for those who, working in the informal sector, have had to suspend their activities due to lockdowns.”

Undoubtedly, initiatives have already been taken in the management of the impact of the pandemic. Still, we would like to go further to plead for the massive cancellation of debts of African countries, to enable them to revive their economies. In addition, we plead for substantial aid to be given to the countries to support the establishment of quality health care systems,” he added.

The present COVID-19 hardships has left many African countries striving to sustain their economies.

Over 150,000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed across the African continent, with a number of countries employing some range of preventive measures to trim down the spread of the virus.

Confirmed cases = 152,500
Number of deaths = 4,344
Recoveries = 64,047
Active cases = 84,109


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