Kenya Catholic Bishops have appealed to parliament and legislators of goodwill not to pass the Reproductive Healthcare Bill of 2019 currently before the Senate.

Paschal Norbert – Nairobi, Kenya

In a statement signed on behalf of other Bishops, Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), Archbishop Philip Anyolo, said as Bishops they would not keep quiet on issues regarding the sanctity  and dignity of human life.

“We cannot remain silent before issues that concern life. We are called by our faith and our African cultural background, to protect life and (also to protect) the life of the unborn,” said the Bishops.

The bill is ambivalent and misleading

The Bishops charged that the contents of the Reproductive Healthcare Bill-20 are deliberately ambivalent and misleading to the general public.

“It speaks of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights when for a fact it simply wishes to introduce, in Kenya, unhealthy practices…encompasses controversial sexual and abortion rights, including for young children,” the Bishops said.

They reminded all Catholic legislators that the Church’s position on the evil of abortion has never changed and that, abortion is the intentional killing of human life.

“The teaching of the Church on this matter has never wavered. The life of the unborn is human life while its termination is homicide,” insist the Bishops.

The legislation is against the Gospel

Bishop Anyolo further said that the proposed legislation is against the teaching of the Gospel. The Bishops maintain it is also against the constitution and the right to life and the protection of children and the family.

As a result, the Catholic Bishops have rallied Members of Parliament and Senators to interpret the will of the people to promote life and not death.

“We urge you to reflect upon the consequences this bill will have on the moral fabric of the nation. We are certain you will consider our views, and the views of millions of Kenyans, and make the right choice,” the Bishops said.


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