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catholic priest builds palliative care centre in ghana
Monsignor Alex Bobby Benson

Monsignor Alex Bobby Benson, a Catholic Priest in the Koforidua Diocese has built the first-ever Palliative Care Centre in Ghana to offer medical care for individuals living with HIV and all other terminally ill patients who would, in turn, receive medical or palliative care, along with treatment intended to contain their condition.

On July 30, 2021, Msgr Bobby Benson would mark his 40th ordination anniversary at Osabene in Koforidua with the paramount aim of raising funds to give the facility an up to the mark standard to serve its purpose

He says “as a priest, I have always lamented seeing people suffer hence looking at the last moments of those living with HIV and AIDS, I have decided to build a palliative centre to cater for the dying patients who still need love until they take their last breath”.


first-ever Palliative Care Centre in Ghana

The journey which began about 20 years ago was birthed by Msgr Bobby Benson’s quest to help trim down the level of societal stigma against persons who had fallen prey to HIV and afford such individuals “a deep sense of belonging”.

He started off with caring for such persons as a chaplain at St Dominic’s Hospital, Akwatia where he doubled as a counsellor for people who had been rejected by family and society at large because they were living with HIV and AIDS.

Coupled with his shepherding duties,  Monsignor Benson made it a point to bring HIV and AIDS patients together regularly for a meeting he called “THE FAMILY GATHERING” in his residence at the Hospital to share their life stories, good moments and sorrowful moments and others and to see the way forward as far as their day to day lives were concerned and dine together and hoped such moments could be extended to more people.

After working for some years at St. Dominic’s as a Chaplain, his Bishop by then, Most Rev. Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, transferred him to Koforidua to expose his ministry towards the sick especially those living with HIV and AIDS.

Arriving in Koforidua in 2002, he rented a house and named it Mathew 25 House which still renders such services to clients.

He has, since 2002, welcomed all persons who test positive for HIV and carries out his work as a counsellor to the patients, while further assisting them by providing food, paying health bills, providing accommodation and paying the school fees for wards of his clients.

As a compassionate Father, Monsignor Benson and his team of counsellors hold monthly meetings where they provide the patients with psychosocial support, share meals together and encourage them to know there is still a chance to live and be happy despite the stigma of society.

In January 2014, he took the step of bringing his dreams into reality and had a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a palliative care centre and hopes to complete it to serve humanity.


To sustain the course, Msgr Benson is appealing to well-meaning individuals and organisations to help complete the project and meet other rising demands.

He says although he had been able to cater for the patients through many benevolent Individuals, Church groups and Societies among others, the growing population however meant a rise in needs, hence his plea.




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