Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse, and Fr. Rich Pagano on the “Catholic Talk Show” dubbed program shed light on some of the extraordinary miracles attributed to St Pope Paul II that quickened his canonization.

Authorized miracle leading for his Beatification process

“The first miracle that made him a blessed was the remission ofParkinson’s Disease in a French nun, (Sr. Marie Simon-Pierre),” Scheel began. “John Paul II suffered from Parkinson’s. He suffered heroically with it.”

“Very shortly after his death, Sr. Simon-Pierre prayed to John Paul II, and her Parkinson’s was completely alleviated and gone.”

Second Approved miracle for his Canonization 

“The second miracle leading to St. John Paul II’s canonization occurred through a Costa Rican woman named Floribeth Mora,” Scheel reveals.

“She had an inoperable brain aneurysm that doctors said there was nothing they could do about, so she was basically dribbling out the clock waiting to die.

“Mora was bedridden and couldn’t really do anything. While reading a magazine with Pope John Paul II on the cover, the image John Paul II spoke to her!”

“The image of John Paul II said, ‘Floribeth, what are you doing in bed? Why don’t you get up and go into the kitchen and see your husband?’

“From the image, the Pope’s hands seemed to reach out to her in a loving way.

“Mora responded, ‘Okay, I will. I feel fine right now.’

“And she got up, went into the kitchen, talked to her husband, and that was it. She was healed!

“She said, ‘I felt a great sense of wellness inside of me, and from that day on, I was completely healed.’

“People thought she was crazy, so hen word got to the religious superiors in charge of the area, they arranged for her to go to a hospital in Rome.

They disguised her as a Costa Rican tourist happening to visit the Vatican, but had symptoms of a brain aneurysm.

“They then checked Mora into a hospital with a false story and a false name so doctors would do a complete, arbitrary examination of her,” said Scheel. “This was all done very clandestine.”

“The doctors said, ‘No ma’am, we don’t see any activity of a brain aneurysm. There’s nothing here. You’re good to go home.’

“She was at the canonization of Pope John Paul II,” Scheel concluded.

Cited from churchpop.com

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