The Sunday born group at St. James Catholic church-Osu, on Thursday June 18, 2020, presented an undisclosed amount of money to Rev. Fr. Subhash Chittilappilly, Priest in charge of the ongoing developmental project at the old fadama community.

The donation was made in consonance with the group’s Christian values and charity obligation to the society.

Thursday’s exercise was led by Miss Bridget Atta Kunadu, who presented the donation at the forecourt of St. James Catholic church in the presence of some members and the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obeng Codjoe.

According to Mrs. Belinda Missinou, president of the Sunday born, “the gesture forms part of the charity works of the group geared towards  supporting Fr. Chittilappilly to redevelop the place after it fell prey to fire outbreak, and promised to support the renovation project anytime the need arises”.

Responding to the gesture, Fr. Chittilappilly showed appreciation to the group and called on the various parishes and individuals to follow the foot steps of the group and help in renovating the place.

He further registered his displeasure on how the public refers to the place as “Sodom and Gomorrah” and admonished all to do away with the  “Sodom and Gomorrah” tag and employ a more soothing way of addressing the area by simply referring to the area as old Fadama or city of God since the it has had a lot of positive changes stemming from the establishment of the Adult Education Center in the year 2002 among others.

Source: Felicia Kwarteng// AGNUS-DEI MEDIA



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