One may be tempted to ask, has this pandemic causing global unrest become a catalyst for the marginalized who are in various tertiary institutions’ daily struggles?

The answer may not be far fetched since the clear cut response stems from the high cost of data in our part of the globe. Either ways, determination is pushing e’m to go for gold.

Now there’s the issue of online examination that even gives firmer grounds to this struggles. 

Conducting a test online to measure the intelligence of participants on a given topic, a teacher or course builder creates an account with an exam builder, in such an exam system you can create questions and add them to the exam and that becomes the defined platform for students to give account.

An unfortunate system I must emphasize since most institutions do not even provide data for students to tap into.

For some institutions, you can choose between multiple choice questions or essay type questions, even both as by the examiners instructions. The students are provided with a link to the online exam, they sign up and can take the exam. They see the results immediately afterwards, oh, and with whose data?, the suffering student. answered!

The argument is that, in times like this where humans are at risks due to COVID-19, online examination  the suitable means of taking an examination because it’s less costly and time saving, both for students and teachers, but is it really the case?


There are nine features generally applied in the online exam, this are: font; type, size, colour, and style, sound alert, background colour, time counters, questions group and number of questions per page. The values of these features are closely similar to user peculiarity, whether relating to the physical, subjective, psycho motor, demographics or know-how.


The biggest restriction is that you have to be online to use an online examination system. Hence the name “online”, and one must have good network connection to be able to partake in an online exam and must also have enough funds to purchase data in this case, and when the network jams, you are as good as dead!

You may argue that there are lots of reasons you may want to use an online examination system due to some  advantages one gets form using such an online exam system instead of the good outmoded paper exam and also, it is an important system within e-Learning, but who actually logs on to the world wide web with water? sounds like an alliteration huh? That is reality check!

Have u pondered on students in remote areas who have little or zero access to a stable internet connection? And how “unsmooth” is it for such students.


Dear stakeholders, if you do the needful, we may have a sane atmosphere.


There is always the power to do. From all angles, one must thrive on the pressures of this moment and “CARPE DIEM”.

Source: Kelvin Ebo Fynn- AGNUS-DEI MEDIA

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