St. Charles Lwanga- Abeka, in the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra through its leadership has issued a directive which excludes the aged from attending mass.

The directive emphatically states “Elders should not attend mass”, calling for the exclusion of the elderly in the parish from in-person mass as the parish prepares for resumption of mass.

The Parish, under the tutelage of Rev. Fr. Andrew Anumu Quaye-Foli, SVD, together with the Parish Pastoral council (PPC) affirmed the decision to exclude the elderly from attending mass to avoid possible mishaps.

The directive also aims at meeting the standardized health protocols spelt out by the Bishops’ Conference and the government of Ghana.

However, the Parish is yet to decide on a definite date for resumption of in-person mass as ban on congregational worship has been eased.


Full details of statement below:

Good evening dear brothers and sisters in Christ

I trust you are all good by grace

Please kindly take note of the preparations toward reopening of church service in this difficult times.

The church invites all parishioners to pass by the parish and register if you will like to attend mass. The registration is on going between the hours of 9am & 12noon, 3pm & 5pm each day.

The following information will be required for the registration

  • Full name
  • Residence
  • Landmark
  • Contact
  • Name of relative
  • Contact of relative

After the registration parishioners will be grouped( 100 parishioners in a group)

There will be four (4) masses starting from Saturday evening @ 6pm and three (3) masses on Sunday( 7:30am, 9:30am and 6:00pm respectively.



■You can’t attend any other mass apart from the one you registered to attend, meaning it’s likely a person would attend mass once in two months

■All members registered will be given a card

■The church is appealing to parishioners to help keep things running by sending their collections / donations to MOMO number 0240387873 / 0504085223 ( Account name – St.Charles Lwanga Catholic Church- Abeka)

■Offering boxes will be displayed and you are expected to drop in your generous giving into it before taking your sit, that is the first thing before taking your sit for mass to proceed

■There would be no sales on the compound

■No Sunday School Service

■Four(4) Choristers plus Organist

■Those who wish to use the urinal during the services will use the door behind where charismatics sits during mass as an exit and be sanitized upon returning at the main entrance.

*No meetings will be tolerated after the mass on the service compound- meaning all are expected to go home immediately after the service.*

Some parishioners within the same group will wait and sanitize the church room upon which they are also expected to go home after that generous service to God and country.

■No face/nose mask, no entry

■Elders should not attend mass

■Mass will last for exactly an hour

■There should be no mingling

■Each society is to give the name of 3 members to be volunteers for undertaking of various tasks to implement the various protocols


Please kindly make it a point to register, no registration, no mass.




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