Four Sisters of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (CPS), has had for its members die of coronavirus according to a report by the Kenya Catholic Media Network.

The statement disclosed an upsurge of Covid19 that has befallen the motherhouse Convent of (CPS) in Mthatha which also serves as an old age home.

It began with the infection of a Sister who works as a nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital and who is presently regarded as the prime source.
After being discovered to be infected on the 2nd of June, she was fetched by the authorities of the Hospital to a B&B for Quarantine in Mthatha.

After her, other members of the community were also discovered to be infected, resulting in 4 of them, all of them elderly, succumbing to the virus last week.
In the meantime, it has been discovered that more Sisters are infected, young and old. Presently 17 have tested positive, 15 are negative and 3 are still waiting for the results of the test.

The names of the Sisters who died are: +Sr. Celine Nxopo on the 8th (buried on 15th),
+Sr. Maria Cord Wardhor, on the 12th
+Sr. Martha Anne Dlamini on the 13th and
+Sr. Beautrice Khofu on 14th of June.


Source: Kenya Catholic Media Network // ADM NEWS

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