I have often thought about the fact that we are usually prepared for life through formal education. In other words, the teacher is trained at the Teacher Training College, the doctor is trained at the Medical School, the priest is formed at the seminary, etc.

What about those preparing for marriage? There is no school that prepares couples for marriage. Does that mean marriage is not important to require extensive preparation? Certainly not. Many people enter into the institution of marriage without enough knowledge about marriage. Many a time it is trial and error for some couples.

There are quite a number of books and other forms of literature on the market that treat the subject of marriage. The aim is that prospective couples would buy such materials and find time to read them before saying yes to marriage.

The challenge for most Catholics, though, is getting a book that deals with marriage based on Catholic teachings. As a result of this situation, Catholic couples end up relying on books written from sources other than Catholic doctrines. This can cause confusion for those preparing to marry.

It is in this regard that it is refreshing to hear that Fr John Patrick Tindana of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra, Ghana, is coming out with a book that treats some important aspects of marriage. What makes this book unique is the fact that it is written by someone who is a trained canonist (Canon Law lawyer) and an official of the Accra Ecclesiastical Province Inter-Diocesan Tribunal.

The book which would be launched on Sunday, 19 September 2021 at St James Catholic Church, Osu, is entitled, “Matrimonial Impediments Explained (From Canon Law Perspective).” According to the author, this book is meant for all people who are capable of reading. He believes that it will serve as a textbook for marriage, a reference book for priests, and manual for marriage counsellors.

A marriage counsellor for many years at St James Catholic Church, Osu, Mrs. Valerie Prince-Agbodjan, who had the privilege of reading a sample of the book said, “I’m back in school I tell you. I’m learning so much both from the book and research I’m having to do on the info I’m gathering…Thank you Father for this eye opener.”

As we look forward to the launching of this book, we call upon all Catholics and lovers of knowledge, in general, to make it a point to get a copy for themselves and another for a friend. We must do all we can to support this worthy cause so that our priest can continue to write more. We also take this opportunity to congratulate Fr John Patrick Tindana for this publication and we pray that the good Lord will continue to inspire him to come out with more books.

Source: Agnus-Dei Media

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