Rev. Father George Anthony Tandoh, a Ghanaian Catholic Priest in the Cape coast Archdiocese has released two patriotic songs hoping to project the peaceful nature of Ghana and inspiring a “warless society”.

The songs dubbed “Mɛyɛ ɔmanbapa ama Ghana and Yɛpɛ Asomdwee” are pieces composed by the priest together with Sr. Catherine Khaki Doku Mensah, SIJ, and the Panis Angelicus Choir directed at the Ghanaian society with a predominant call on citizens to strive hard to maintain the peace the nation enjoys.

The priest known for his flair in the composition of “Sacred and Motivational Music” says he was moved to produce the two pieces to enable Ghanaians see peace beyond a war-free society and focus on developing flag waving attitudes  towards nation building.

Rev. Fr. Tandoh believes “responsibility leads to unity” and when all citizens sanely live by the the laid out standards, the Ghanaian society will be a better abode for its citizens.


I decided to work on these two pieces since we are in election year. Again, I have realized that the attitude of Ghanaians towards work is retrogressing.

We blame others for our failures in life and even as a country when we spend less time working for the betterment of our country. Thus the idea of Mɛyɛ ɔmanbapa ama Ghana.

We should be responsible for what we do. Teachers, nurses, Drs. Politicians, Clergymen/women etc are all invited to help build the country.


I believe Ghanaians love peace.

But peace goes beyond warless and other stuff. When attitudes of health workers are hurting patients, then we should note that there is no peace of heart.

When teachers are not teaching what has to be done and would want to take extra money for classes then we are not helping our children especially the poor ones.

When clergymen are not preaching what has to be preached and are thinking of their belly then who would tell the world the Truth?

When politicians are telling lies to gain power and do not work effectively for the growth of the country then it raises anger and bad attitudes.

With regard to the facts above, I wanted to tell Ghanaians that Yɛpɛ Asomdwee ( _we need peace._ )

In the music, I asked again that what can we do for our country?  If we are thinking about ourselves then we should also think of the country. To me, Responsibility leads to unity. We will live in unity when we act responsibly.



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