To tap into the numerous health benefits associated with mushroom, Rev Fr Bright Kennedy Agyepong, Priest in charge of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in the Koforidua Diocese, has ventured into mushroom farming.

Rev. Fr. Agyepong explains that his interest in the field was inspired by his desire to “support humanity” in the thick of the present unrest provoked by the pandemic.

He shares a sneak peek into the journey of “mushroom farming from its infancy stage through to the “worthwhile” stage.


I started the Mushroom farming on a large scale about a month ago after having successfully carried out one on a pilot basis about three months ago which proved that it is a project worth undertaking.

I was inspired to go into mushroom farming because of its health benefits and especially in this Covid-19 era where strong immune system is key. So realizing that mushroom is an immune booster food, I immediately got interested.

Mushroom is such an amazing thing because:
It helps control cholesterol level which ultimately prevents heart related diseases, good in preventing and fighting cancer, high in Vitamins B and D, it also has anti-inflammatory powers and very good for pregnant women.

So with all these health benefits of mushroom, I thought I had to do something to support humanity. Let us begin to eat well.

It’s a huge farm with over one thousand bags and still expanding with the increase in marketing and patronage

The covid has definitely affected the marketing but it also came out of it so I hope to make inroads in this situation as people are beginning call for orders. Restaurants and hotels are reluctant to place orders because people are not patronizing these facilities because of the pandemic. But we are pushing on.


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