Very Rev. Fr. John K. Louis, Vicar General of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra says God’s investment in man in the form of life, natural gifts and other divine talents requires man to be diligent and steadfast as each soul would be required to give account on the investment someday.

In a homily delivered on Sunday, November 15, the Vicar General said God had made those investments in man and expects him to put them into greater use to benefit all.

“God has invested in us life, natural gifts and skills, opportunities, education/training, job, material wealth, good health, family, positions social status, other spiritual gifts as well as countless other blessings and graces” adding that these gifts be put to maximum use.

He noted that, as these talents and spiritual gifts have been given, so is man expected to give sane account on how they were put to use likening it to the day’s Gospel which laid emphasis on talent.
“God expects us to account for every blessing or grace he has invested in us”, he emphasized.

For his part, it is uncalled for to subdue one’s given talent without putting it to maximum use.

He urged that individuals explore their talents and other spiritual gifts to aid God’s ministry and for the benefit of the wider community.
“Many are those of us who are burying some of talents, dig them up and begin to invest them”, he counseled.

Source: Agnus-Dei Media

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