The Ho Diocesan Youth Council, at its Council Meeting at St. Francis of Assisi Dzemeni on Sunday 18th July 2021 elected new leaders for the youth in the Diocese.

This would allow the new team to help build a sense of community within the youth of the church which includes providing an opportunity for both spiritual and social development.

The newly elected executives are Fred Adzakpa as President, Miss Esther Katsriku as Vice President and Mr. Kwame Orlando Daniel as Secretary.

Other portfolios are occupied by Mr.  Happy Xatse as Financial Secretary, Mr. Innocent Torbizo as the Organizer and Miss Orku Janet as the Treasurer.

Addressing the Council, Mr. Fred Adzakpa the newly elected President,  appealed to the youth in the Diocese to rally behind the new leaders to ensure maximum growth.

Rev. Fr. Fidelix Kumado, the Diocesan Youth Chaplain expressed his appreciation to the Council and urged the new executive to work for the growth of the youth in the Church, while underscoring the importance of collective efforts in achieving their goal.

Mr. Dennis Sasraku, the GHANCYC Secretary on his part congratulated the new executives and urged the new youth leaders to work in unison for the growth of the youth and the Diocese at large.

Source: Kwame Orlando Daniel//AGNUS-DEI MEDIA

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