A Philadelphian baby named Gianna Masciantonio have been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor two weeks after her birth. This have been a very painful experience for  Joey and Kristen Masciantonio her parents.

On the day Pope Francis visited the Independence Hall in Philadelphia of the US Joey and Kristen Masciantonio  went to the Papal Parade with little Gianna, to join the crowd welcome the Holy Father and get to see him personally, but they got more. Joey and Kristen Masciantonio with the help of an FBI friend got through the crowd, had little Gianna Stretched out to the Pope; Pope Francis received little Gianna and gave her a kiss on the head.

Little Gianna Masciantonio got her healing from the Pope’s kiss on her head, after Pope’s visit Little Gianna went through carefully medical scan and examination processes which have all proved that she is healed and stating that the tumor has gone. Below is a picture of a scan displaying the Tumor’s presence around August 2015 and the healed brain without any tumor that November.

“I think this is all from God. I believe the Pope is a messenger from God,” her father Joey Masciantonio said.
The mother Kristen Masciantonio Affirms that their daughter is now at her best, she said: “She’s getting better and stronger. She’s blowing kisses. She’s starting to point at things”.


Source: Catholicsay

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