Rev. Fr. George Ekow Mensah

Rev. Fr. George Ekow Mensah, Priest in charge of St. Dominic Catholic Rectorate in Mallam has described as unfortunate the fact that some Catholics do not know how to pray the Holy Rosary.

He made this remark in his homily and further affirmed in an interview with Anthony Koffie after Mass on the feast of Mary our Lady of the rosary. According to him, “we are in the month of Grace where we are called to pray through the intercession Mary our mother but it is unfortunate some Catholics do not know how to pray the rosary”. “Don’t feel shy, let someone teach you how to pray it”, he urged.

He queried that “if you do not know how to pray the rosary then how do you call on the intercession of Mary our mother”? He again fumed that “Mary is the mother for everyone thereby throwing an invitation to non-Catholics to partake in the prayer of the Holy Rosary to seek the maternal intercession of Mary for our needs to be met and to live in freedom as sons and daughters of God”.

Suggesting ways of tackling this unfortunate observation among some Catholics, Fr. Mensah called for a revamp of the church’s catechism where the theology on Marianlogy will be well thought in catechism classes.

“Occasionally, we must also give a talk to our church members, teach them about the life of Mary, the need to pray to her and how to recite the rosary itself”, he said.

When asked whether anyone should be blamed for this shortfall, he said “let no one be blamed for this, once it has been noticed, let us all put our hands on deck in finding a lasting solution to it”.

By: Anthony Koffie

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