The Koforidua-Ho Grand Commandery of the Knights of St. John International and Ladies Auxiliary on Saturday, September 12, 2020 exemplified 118 Knights into the 2nd and 3rd Degree.

The knightly ceremony took place at the St. Dominic Catholic church Adweso Koforiduain the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The ceremony seeks to deepen and inculcate in exemplified Knights their calling into the army of the lord and to Charity and Unity .

Rev. Fr. Frederick  Obeng, SVD, Parish Priest of St. Dominic Catholic Church urged Brothers to reflect on their personal lives and what they have become in Christ.

He further asked Brothers to do away with characters that are blocky to the services of the Church and most solemnly deepen their faith in Christ in the Lord as an exemplified Knights of the noble order of the Catholic church.

Brig.Gen Francis Kumi, Grand President of the Knights called on exemplified Brother Knights to be charitable and submissive to the activities of the church and order, and also be United in achieving the objectives of the order.

Among  other officers who were in attendance were the Supreme Subordinate President Maj. Gen. P.C.N Sangber Dery,The Grand Chaplain and Co celebrant Rev. Fr. Raphael Agyapong and Brig.Gen.P.Quashigah.

The 2nd and 3rd Degree is an exemplification whose merit is based on religious knightly and Catholic faith dedications under the auspices and authority of the Supreme Commandery in the United States of America of the Knights of St. John.

The Knights of St. John International and Ladies Auxiliary is a Roman Catholic men and women fraternal organization that stands for Roman Catholic Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity under a banner of Fraternity.

Source:Vincent Dela Goka// AGNUS-DEI MEDIA 

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