Pax Romana has always stood tall in the definition of world peace and this we did through intellectual dialogue, seminars, peace campaigns and democratic practices.

We as Catholic intellectuals have always championed student apostolate and the sharing of Christ’s peace worldwide. It is in this likeness that I call on all members of the international movement of Catholic students IMCS Pax Romana Ghana Federation, all sister movements and associations, and all who enjoy the peace in this country to relentlessly work at keeping it.

Ghana is all we got and where we feel at home, it is our duty therefore to maintain the peace and unity of this great nation.
It is said that “there is beauty in unity in diversity “ and so even though we all can’t share the same opinion, it doesn’t call for a fist but rather the voice of the thumb.
In preparing for this year’s elections, let’s do away with provocative and fist-oriented words.

On December 7, go and cast your vote in peace knowing that it is God that enthroned kings.

Let the whole country win by winning back our peace even after the elections.

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18

You owe Ghana its gift of peace

Pax….. Peace!
Thumbs up… For Jesus!

Samuel Paul Gyamfi// National Pax President

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