The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference has emphatically stated that the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersexed community that has sprouted up in the country is one that is morally and biblically unacceptable.

In a recent release issued by the Bishops’ Conference, they emphasized that the practice contradicts with God’s initial purpose for marriage adding that the “Church sees the practice of homosexuality as something condemned by the Scriptures and
cites in its documents the biblical passages mentioned above that condemn homosexuality” “In addition to these, the Church sees the practice of homosexuality as being incompatible
with the creation stories relating man and woman in Genesis”, they stressed.

Touching base on individuals who have openly condemned the act, the conference commended their efforts and urged for efforts to dispirit the risings of the act in the country.
“We, the Catholic Bishops of Ghana, write to condemn all those who support the practice of
homosexuality in Ghana. We also write to support the position of Lawyer Moses Foh-Amoaning
and the Coalition who for years has been championing the crusade against homosexuality. We also
commend other individuals who have spoken in condemnation of this practice. We do this because
the Roman Catholic Church is opposed to this abominable practice.”

They however condemned all forms of violence against gay and lesbian people and call for a renewed approach in tackling the situation.

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Source: Agnus-Dei Media

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