His quest as a young priest is to offer himself as a citadel of hope to people within his immediate environment and the wider community who through his soul-winning and primary missionary outreach would come to know Christ.

Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare, is the Rector of St. Joseph Rectorate and he hopes to, through what he best describes as a solemn soul-winning journey, transform the people of Huntado Community , in Ghana and other hinterlands.

Powered by his passion for humanity, Rev. Fr. Asare says “I am on an unstoppable journey to the hearts and minds of the lost sheep of the Lord, stressing that he never regrets accepting to leave his comfort zone (Nsema)  to stay at Huntado “to minister in the hinterland to students and simple communities”.

In the thick of the stings brought bare by the pandemic, He strives to reach out to folks, offering help in kind and in his capacity as a servant of God.

In some communities, he has provided seed monies to residents who are not well to do, to start a trade as well as paying for fees for poor apprentices and students who can not meet the financial requirements.

Notably, He has won a minimum of 75 lapsed Christians back to Christ and converted about 50 people to encounter Christ.




With the zeal to reach out to a wider community, Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare hopes to sustain this journey and is calling on well-meaning individuals and benevolent organizations to support his vision.





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