With over 100 responsorial psalms for liturgical use, this young Ghanaian Catholic Priest with the Cape Coast Archdiocese has given a sneak peek into his journey of his passion for music which gave him the urge to compose an anthem for the St. Paul’s Seminary, Sowutuom.

Rev. Fr. George Anthony Tandoh, assisting Priest of the Assumption of Mary/ St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Nyankomasi Ahenkro in the Cape Coast Archdiocese who has dazzled the minds of many with outstanding compositions chronicles how he apt passion for music drowned his fears of not exploring his “world of music”.

He says he had started the journey when he was in his infancy stage at St. Paul’s Seminary, Sowutuom even with his fears of facing “the tongue-lash of not polished compositions”.

When asked how the conception of the idea of composing an anthem for the Seminary, Fr. Tandoh credited the then Music Prefect, Rev. Fr Juneralus who is now in the Accra Archdiocese for instructing him to make the phenomenal move.

The Young but vibrant talent for the Catholic Church in Ghana aside his call to Shepherding, has, for over nine years called amazing shots and rendered over 100 responsorial Psalms.


I started when I was in the seminary (St. Paul’s Seminary, Sowutuom). For the first time, I composed an anthem for the seminary when I was in the Junior class.

I was instructed by the music prefect (now: Fr. Juneralus in Accra Archdiocese) to do so. That was when I realized I could compose a song.

After that, I started composing songs often but I was not bringing them out because I felt they were not polished since I am not a musician. So I composed for pleasure.

Three years ago a friend (Benjamin Bondzi, SMA) saw some of my compositions and he pushed me to the wall to bring them out. He said, “I’m sitting on my talent”

So in short my songs started coming out 3 years ago.


Authorities and my colleagues seminarians embraced my compositions with joy.

In a way, they were not surprised since I was ( and I am) an organist but they had never realised that aspect of me. So they were very happy and kept on encouraging me to do more.

Fr. Tandoh has had a good number of compositions to his credit from “There is appointed time for everything, Don’t worry about everything, Happiness is free, Love heals, All that I have, Gloria in excelsis Deo, Give thanks to the Lord, I raise my eyes to the mountain, If Yahweh does not build a house, The Lord is my light, Being too ready to trust, through to Be just and faithful and also has over 100 Responsorial Psalms for Liturgical use.

Rev. Father George Anthony Tandoh was born on September 28, 1989 and hails from Half Assini.

He was ordained a priest on 1st September 2018 and is currently the assisting priest of the Assumption of Mary/ St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Nyankomasi Ahenkro.



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