The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference has expressed worry over the increasing quest for quick wealth among the youth in the country.
They attributed the situation to activities of
“fraudulent spiritualists, mallams, pastors and others who through their audio-visual content continue to propagate evils and their ‘get-rich-quick’ activities on our television stations and social media platforms”.

In a statement signed by the Most Reverend Philip Naameh, President of Bishops’Conference, it said the situation could worsen and that a swift response was needed to trim down the canker citing the sad and gruesome incident, which took place at a suburb in Kasoa in the Central Region as a clearcut example.
“It is sad to hear that the decision of these teenagers was to kidnap their victim for a
ransom and then present the victim to a spiritualist for rituals, thoughts derived from
watching some of the audio-visual content on television”.

The statement also noted that such activities on various media platforms “exposes us as a people and as a nation, and calls for the need for an urgent
intervention to avert further occurrences in the future”.

The Bishops further  made an appeal to all well meaning individuals and stakeholders especially those within the media space to clamp down such ill activities that have eaten deep into the country’s moral fibre.

“The horrid action of these teenagers should serve as a wake-up call for us”.

“It is important for us to see these developments as a national security threat and act speedily to deal with this threat. We, therefore, call on all major stakeholders, especially the Regulators of our media space, to clamp down on activities of these fraudulent people”.

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