It’s no longer news that most protestants and even some Catholics see knighthood in the church as occultic but is that actually true?


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Knighthood in the church was initially set up to defend the church from invaders by providing security against those invading the Christian world and the holy land of Isreal but now in the absence of wars the knights now collectively contribute their resources and talents to the development of the church and various lay apostolic group in the church like st Vincent de Paul.

Knights still defend the church even now by actively liasing with politicians and lawyers to prevent any law or policies that will be detrimental to the authority and integrity of the church and the Christian faith in general.

Most people see the knights as bad people simply because majority of them are rich but those people fail to acknowledge that their mission have changed from physical war to majorly financial contribution to the church and that is why most members are rich, because you can’t meet the financial obligation asoociated to the knighthood today except you are someone that can successfully take Good care of yourself and your family first.

I am not saying all knights in the church are holy just as I cannot say all Christians rich or poor are holy but that is on individual bases but the order of knighthood is holy and needed in the church always.

I know some people will ask why do they have to fight or defend the church in the past?
Self defence is a basic principle of life and God accepts It, no one will fold their hand and allow their family members to be killed without trying to defend them as best as possible, even Peter tried defending Jesus Christ by cutting the high priest servant ear but because it’s imperative for Christ to die to save us, Christ stopped Peter and healed the man’s ear.

If defending one self is a sin then it would be wrong for Catholics to join the army, air force or even the police force but Catholics are free to join today because it’s not a sin and has never been a sin in the sight of God.

Knighthood is a blessing to the church, if not for the knights who fought against the Islamic invaders, all of us would gave been shouting Allah Mohammed today, but thank God we can freely shout glory to Jesus and honour to mary because God defeated the Islamic invaders into Europe with the aid of the knights of the church. Proudly Catholic


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