I stood for hours at the bedside of a sick society, hoping, praying and longing for a miracle. A priest is used to visiting the sick and bringing them comfort and the consolation of the Lord in the sacraments. I was standing there not as a health worker but as a frontline spiritual-health worker. What could a priest do in a situation when the building blocks of society seem to fall off one by one? I thought to myself that soon, nothing would be left of the structure that once stood.

The pain and anguish of many is visible only to the eyes of faith. The human condition has dealt many a bad hand but they still have to play at the same table. In my heart of hearts, I wondered whether the agony might be relieved if we open up to God and tell the truth about our condition. Admitting the situation helps to diminish its negative power over us. After that, seeking a reliable person to listen to you is the medicine the divine healer prescribed. A shared burden is lighter.

What is needed is the opening of our communal eyes to see and comprehend reality, not dreams. The urgent need has never been greater for the development of the third eye. This spiritual eye helps you see beyond what you can with your contacts or spectacles. Making time to sit at the feet of the Man from Nazareth would help you to develop this eye. It grows like a plant, slowly and has to be watered to encourage growth. It can wither if not cared for but can also grow big and become a great assert. There is no miracle third eye you could buy, it only comes from within and the development of your intimate spiritual relationship with the source of all Power. Get in touch with the Divine in your life.

With the advent of the novel coronavirus, some people are shunning away from using paper money. That is understandable. In its stead, the growth in the use of plastic money is phenomenal. You can use your plastic money almost everywhere. The police at the road blocks or rather speed traps even carry a machine to cash in on your charges. Yet you cannot pay on line or use a plastic credit or debit card without depositing money in the account. What I have learnt is that you have to first deposit before you can spend or withdraw.

That seems to be the secret of life. The great people we remember in history are not rich people. They are people that left a legacy in their children, in their inventions or their discoveries. The fame riches bring is short lived. It evaporates like the morning dew. Good rulers and governors are remembered all over the world. Who does not know the name Kennedy (President) or Shakespeare? If you want to contribute to humanity, you must deposit in the bank of life. The more deposits you make, the more you can withdraw and spend. Teachers know how to do this. Jesus of Nazareth did that to an excellent level. His investment in the Twelve and other Disciples has changed the world.

I asked myself after Mass this evening after the congregation had gone back home, what is my deposit in life. Rather, what is it that I am seeking to deposit or in whom am I making any deposit? As a shepherd, part of my ministry is to deposit in those I work with and for. A helping hand extended to one drowning in the sea of pain and sorrow might be welcome. A rope of hope thrown to another might help pull them from the well of despair they fell in. A hand raised in prayer might give the hope of healing desired and a hand held in imparting blessing cannot be replaced. A voice raised against abuse and violence might help change things. What am I waiting for? It is time to start depositing right now, today.


http://Authored By Bishop Frank Nubuasah

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