Do not allow your lives to be shaped by those desires you had when you were still ignorant. Instead, be holy in all that you do, just as God who called you is Holy (1 Pet. 1:14-16). Being holy and immaculate could be found on the same spectrum.  To be immaculate is to be free from mistakes, absolutely clean. Simply put, it is to be spotless and free from sin. The call to holiness is for all and it is same as being immaculate.

I wish to illustrate with some parts of the body and see how best we can be immaculate.

Let the junks of people’s failures, successes, predicaments, problems off your head; be immaculate in carrying good deeds with the head.

Blink the eyes on immoral acts, control what you peer, (Cf Matt. 5:29), do not lust what you see, the eye is the lamp of the body (Cf Matt. 6:22); be immaculate in seeing with the eyes.

Sneeze out foul smell, inhale good perfume, stop sniffing into others’ businesses (Cf 1 Thes 4:11); be immaculate in scenting with the nose.

Stop the gossips, insults, harsh words in talking (Cf Eph 4:29), speak good into your life and others; be immaculate in talking with the lips.

Know when and what to taste, be honest to say it tastes good or bad, do not curse but bless; be immaculate in telling the truth with the tongue.

Do not give both ears to critics, filter words from noise, give heed to advice, listen to good music; be immaculate in hearing the good about others.

Wear a smile as often as possible, let others see hope not despondence on the face; be immaculate in showing a good face to all.

Control the heart from hate, envy, jealousy, unnecessary anger, rage (Eph 4:31&32); be immaculate in loving with the heart.

Know how much to eat, do not overeat because there is so much to eat (Cf Prv 25:16); be immaculate in filling the stomach.

Work with the hands, do not be lazy (Cf 2 Thes 3:10), lift the hands to assist others; be immaculate in giving a helping hand.

Pause with the aimless walks, control where your feet may carry you to, do not haste to do evil; be immaculate in walking with the feets.

Be modest and sensible about your clothing, know when to wear what to where (Cf 1st Tim 2:9); be immaculate in dressing the body.

Nurse and grow good thoughts, kill and destroy bad ideas, be positive in mind; be immaculate in using the brains.

In all, make the best use of the knees, go down on it and pray to the Master of all graces to be like the Immaculate Virgin Mary and also to be holy as He the Master is (Cf 1st Pet 1:16).




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