JULY 12, 2021


Very Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, founder of Lepers Aid Committee and former parish priest of Christ the King parish in a homily has admonished the Catholic faithful to be thankful in all situations even in the thick of uncertainties.

While underscoring the importance of gratitude, he said unforeseen instances could disorient the faithful from the right path and shift their focus from God.

In crisis, Fr. Campbell explained that one is likely to be drowned in ingratitude and could cause them to close themselves off to God’s mercy noting that a state of gratitude was the only way to go.

Likening the situation to his encounter, Fr. Campbell recounted a dire situation he was in exactly a year ago with his health saying “today marks the 1st Anniversary of something that happened to me.
I was at the hospital diagnosed of Malaria, Pneumonia and People thought I had Covid-19 but today I am alive”

He said being thankful on his part while he hoped on God gave him victory over the sickness.

He stressed the need to give thanks and charged “that we do not take things for granted” adding that it puts the faithful on the right path.

Very. Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell was the special guest of honour at the official commissioning of Rev. Fr. Mastan’s Water Supply Project and Thanksgiving Mass at Nyapienya in the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra last Saturday.

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