Being a priest, of course, has never been easy, it has been a journey that has  entailed living as a celibate, foregoing the luxuries of marriage and family life, earning far less than one’s educational qualification would warrant, and practicing a strict form of obedience.

In a capsule, society has also elevated the priest to a prominent position, and his humanity is frequently disregarded, as a result, He (The Priest) is expected to live as an ethereal being which seems almost impossible.

On a day (MAUNDY or HOLY THURSDAY) where the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood are commemorated with Priests  being honoured around the world for their immense sacrifices, both visible and invisible, AGNUS-DEI MEDIA catches up with Rev. Fr. Michael Selasi Combey, Assistant Parish Priest of St Michael Co-Cathedral in the Keta Akatsi Diocese who shares peek into his journey of responding to God’s call.

For him, “Priesthood is the greatest gift l have ever received in life. I mean a greatest gift l was conscious of at its reception.”

Responding to God’s call has its own set of problems, but Fr. Combey is able to stay loyal to his objective of serving Holy Mother Church with the help of divine direction and daily dedication.

“The life of the priest is so ‘complex’ but with the Divine guiding and perfecting us each day. In fact, the priest is a WOUNDED HEALER,” says the Priest.

The Priest goes on to say that he is motivated by his love for the Gospel and humanity, and that he is willing to go above and beyond to advance Christ’s mission with the intuition of a priestly heart.

Fr. Combey notes that he will stay true to his calling by  helping the destitute and spreading the word in every possibke capacity


Rev. Fr. Michael Selasi Combey started his journey to the priesthood when he completed his Basic Education Certicate Examination (B.E.C.E) in 2006.

He entered St. Paul’s Minor Seminary in Hatsukope Denu for a Pre-SHS Program for a year and a four year study in General Science in St. Paul’s Senior High School.

He completed in 2011 and proceeded to St. Mary’s Senior High School and Minor Seminary, Lolobi.

He also offered a program in Pre-Philosophy for a year and gained admission into St. Paul’s Catholic Seminary, Accra Sowutuom.

In St. Paul’s Catholic Seminary (Philosophicum), he offered a one year program of Spirituality called the Spiritual Year.

Rev. Fr. Combey after the Spiritual Year program took a three year program in Philosophy, Religion and Sociology which was completed in 2016.

He gained admission into the Theologicum of St. Peter’s Regional Seminary Pedu, Cape Coast in 2016 where he offered  courses in Theology, Sociology, and Religion.

As part of the seminary formation, he worked outside the seminary for a year (2019-2020) which is the pastoral stage of formation. After, the one year pastoral experience, he comes back to the seminary for a year to complete the formation process.

He was ordained a deacon on April 15, 2021 which  marked the formation of the then seminarian into the clerical state.

This state comes with obligations and duties which the cleric pledges to observe. Major of these obligations are praying the Liturgy of the Hours (priests and deacons aspiring to the presbyterate are obliged to carry out the liturgy of the hours daily according to the proper and approved liturgical books – c. 276 § 2 3°) and observing the Evangelical Counsels of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

He was ordained a priest on October 9, 2021.

Fr. Combey is an ardent contributor to Agnus-Dei Media and other well known platforms in Ghana.


Here’s how Most Rev David Ajang, Catholic Bishop of the Lafia Diocese in Nigeria celebrated priests on the Feast Day

The Bishop acknowledged Priests in a post cited by AGNUS-DEI MEDIA on his Facebook platform that reads ; “Thank you for responding to the call to serve God as priests, Thank you for the numerous sacrifices you make each day; most of which are both unrecognised & unappreciated. Forgive our human frailties and shortcomings Lord. May the Eucharistic which we celebrate each day be our source of strength and joy. I entrust you to the maternal intercession of Mary, whose son entrusted to us the gift of the priesthood.”

By Edith Mensah// AGNUS-DEI MEDIA 

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