The Conference of Major Superiors of Religious -Ghana (CMSR-GH) has urged Consecrated Men and Women to exercise caution when using social media, noting that while the platform had wonderful aspects, it also had the potential to lead one astray and expose one to unwholesome content.

The Conference emphasized that without prudence on their path, the platform posed a risk to their life as consecrated men, causing them to stray from their path and call to serve Holy Mother Church and mankind

“We call on all consecrated men and women to be prudent in the use of the social media. Social media, which, on one hand, can be a good tool for evangelisation through the life-enhancing materials it offers, could on the other hand, be a danger to our special calling as consecrated persons.”

The Conference noted in a communique, issued at the conclusion of its maiden Annual Conference in the Bono Region of Ghana, that modern times required of them to keep up with the rate at which technology was evolving and effectively tailor their mission to suit the changes; however, it was important to draw a line between remaining true to God’s calling and going astray.

“As consecrated men and women of our contemporary times, we should never forget the admonishment of the Lord Jesus Christ that we are not of the world even as He is not of it (cf. Luke 17:16). We challenge our members to continue to be models to the world, especially the youth, by word and deed.”

The statement signed by  Sr. Mercy Boateng, SSL, President of the Conference, further challenged them to rise from their slumber and fan into flame their prophetic mission of being light to the nations.

“Our journey together along the synodal path invites us to be bridge-builders between peoples and cultures,” the conference reiterated.

In the context of current global upheaval, the Conference emphasized the essence synodality and urged the Catholic faithful to continue to offer support in whatever way and to strive hard to improve society.

“There is still enormous work to be done to transform society with the treasures that the Gospel of Christ brings. The synodal path is a challenge to you, as it is to us, to re-dedicate yourselves to the passion of announcing Jesus Christ, Him crucified, and the only Name in which there is salvation. The synodal path offers all of us the opportunity to harness our gifts for the growth of our Church and the proclamation of the Good News of salvation.”


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