Three Brothers of Council 48 Mataheko, were on October 3, 2020, elevated to the rank of Honorary Past Grand Knights.

Those elevated were Bro Cosmas Anpengnou, Regional Advocate, Bro Francis Samuel Codjoe, Regional Physician, and Bro Rev Fr. Denise Etti, Regional Chaplain.

They were elevated to the rank of Past Grand Knight.

They were elevated to their current positions on account of their appointments at the newly consecrated Central Accra Region.

The installation team was led by Sir Kt Bro Victor Korku Foli Adigbo, with Worthy Bro Philip Selormey as Elevation Secretary. Bro. Leonard Kuatsinu was the Elevation Guard, with Bro Rev. Fr. Denise Senyo Etti as the Elevation Chaplain.


Source: Knights and Ladies Marshall- Official