Rev. Fr. Simon Peter Obelekek of Soroti Catholic Diocese has been laid to rest at Madera in a solemn mass.

The priest who has been teaching at Madera Seminary and a former PMS Director passed on recently and has been laid to rest following a decision by the Church authorities in Uganda.

On August 22, a requiem mass was held at the Madera Seminary for the priest with only priests, religious and the immediate family members participating in the mass due to COVID-19 unrest.



At the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, Cathedral- Onitsha


Archbishop Valerian Okeke writes;

“With a Holy Mass today, we commended the soul of our brother and priest, Fr. Valentine Nwachukwu into God’s hand, praying God to receive him in peace and welcome him in the Kingdom of Heaven, where there is no sickness, weeping and pains, where he will stay in peaceful joy with the saints.

We pray also for God’s consolation and grace on his siblings, brethren, well-wishers and his loved ones, and all those affected by his death. May God also give us the grace of a good and holy death.

Credit: Archbishop Valerian Okeke



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