Humanity is in a state of flux. In the process, it is hoped that we are getting better at living and making of livelihoods. The more we change the better it is hoped that we will get better. But alas, change has not been always good nor glossy as anticipated.

For some, change has cost them their lives as they ended up where they do not want to. We have moved form the stone age, to the pre-industrial age to the industrial age. From mechanization to technological age and the so called 4th industrial revolution. Yet for some, this change has meant nothing.

When an important person in society is sent to prison, he seeks to be treated differently. If such a person was a government official or a rich person, they usually get a better treatment at times with their own TV all to themselves. They may change from living in their homes to that of a jail but they pretend that nothing really has changed for them.

Prison is meant to give people time to think and refocus. As they recognize their faults, they resolve to be different when they get out so as not to return to prison.
There are jail birds who are happier locked-in that out. I met this man in prison who as soon as he is released thinks of what offence to commit so as to return to prison.

I caught up with him one day and he said simply; Moruti (Pastor), in prison, I have no enemies, I owe no one and above all, I have three square meals daily. He loves his prison cell and when outside, he is one of the ‘trusted’ prisoners who have freedom in doing many things. But that is not the type of change we need.

Some high profile people deserve to be shut in because of their greed. Some high profile people deserve to be shut in because of their greed. Time spent behind bars might help them understand that the resources of the world are meant to be shared.

The most repentant people I have met are not in the confessional but in prisons. That is maybe God’s own school of repentance and reform for us. I remember that Peter the Apostle was shut in prison. Paul the Preacher also might have tasted prison life.

Looking at life that way, one can easily say that all life is a prison. I am here for a purpose, to reform and prepare for the trip home to heaven where we shall all be free. There, their would be no need to reform or repent. That is what we are on earth to do.
I spent two hours at the clinic dressing wounds as a spiritual service provider. Occasionally, a bandage, a plaster, a massage or a comforting word might help carry the pain and brokenness we have.

Wiping a tear off the face of another is a spiritual high point in ministry. Psychological scars are not easy to remove even with plastic surgery, whereas physical scars are.

I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to extend to others my assistance in a small way. We are each other’s keeper. I look after you and hopefully, someday, you will look after me.
I saw on FB a saying that has both challenged me and also made me smile. “After Covid-19, any pastor that claims to work miracles is Fake.” Enough for today.

Authored by Bishop Frank Nubuasah

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