The National Catholic Health Service has disclosed that the St Anthony Hospital has recorded some missing body parts of a number of corpses at its hospital mortuary since February.

According to the Catholic Health Service in its statement signed by Rev. Fr. Lt. Col. WKD Sraha (Rtd), the “Keta-Akatsi Catholic Diocesan Health Directorate and the Management Team of the Hospital are collaborating with the Dzodze District Police Command to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of body parts in the facility’s mortuary.”

The first incident was the disappearance of the forehead skin and both eyeballs of one late Eyi Yakunu on February 23, and the recent incident recorded on March 8, witnessed the disappearance of Ahiamata Abla’s left eyeball.

The family of Eyi Yakunu, after the deceased’s remains were deposited at the hospital mortuary on February 16, was informed of the disappearance of some body parts.

“This time involving the cadaver of Ms Ahiamata Abla whose left eye disappeared as well. Once again, the family was notified. In this instance, the family took the initiative to report to the Police, one of the Chiefs in the community and the Media,” the statement added.

Although the Health Service has indicated its commitment to bringing the issue to bed, it is however, urging members of the public to assist in investigations.

“We encourage the community and Staffs of the facility to provide Management and the police any possible leads that can support our investigation to find out the people involved in these unethical acts if it is a human activity.”


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