While the first service was winding down, unknown terrorists attacked the St. Moses Catholic Church in Robuh, Unguwan Aku, Kajuru LGA, Kajuru State, Nigeria.

Unguwan Aku and Maraban Kajuru in Kajuru LGA, Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria, were attacked on June 18 and 19

The terrorists had arrived in considerable numbers, shooting irregularly, and fleeing with many worshippers while others were injured to varied degrees.

According to the Catholic Broadcast Commission of Nigeria, three faithful were killed as a result of the circumstance.


The incident came a day after terrorists killed one person, injured another, and kidnapped 12 more in Maraban Kajuru.

It also follows just a few days after dozens of people were killed on Pentecost Sunday, leaving the Catholic community in sadness and despair.

Some of the incident’s victims have been admitted to various medical facilities and are now receiving treatment.

The resurgence of terrorist attacks against the Catholic Church in Nigeria has alarmed worldwide societies, who have criticized the situation explicitly.

The church’s hierarchy has called on the government and relevant parties to increase their efforts in clamping down on the situation before it develops into an unfathomable disaster.

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