The Priesthood of Christ is a very deep mystery which surpasses human understanding. Just like life itself, no one can fully fathom the treasure invested in the Catholic Priesthood and the sacredness with which it is shrouded.

Not even the Priest himself understands the magnitude of the power he carries. Christ Himself had established it in his person and consolidated it with His life. Little wonder it stands the test of time, for ages before, now and forever.

On the 28th day of August, 2020 the entire priests, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese of Abakiliki rejoices amid the pomp and pageantry, as they witness an increase in her number of Priests.

The twins in the Diocese of Abakiliki namely; Ugochukwu Udegbe and Chinyelu Udegbe were Ordained priests in the order of Melchizedek by the Bishop of Abakiliki Diocese, His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. M. N. Okoro at St Theresa’s Cathedral, Abakiliki, Ebonyi State.

The Mass began by 10am. It was presided by the Ordaining Prelate and concelebrated by the Vicar General and the Diocesan Vocations Director and the many other Priests in attendance.

After scrutinizing the candidates for Ordination, Bishop Okoro in his homily thanked God for the gift of the priesthood and the sacredness that the Priesthood still retains in our society, despite the troubles that have befallen the Church in the recent times.

He thanked the Vicar General and the Vocations Director for guiding the ordinands. He equally thanked the formators and all who accompanied the ordinands through their Seminary journey.

Reflecting on the lessons of the day, the Bishop re-emphsized on the person and the office of the Priest, especially as regards communion: with God, the Church and in being a source of spiritual succour and relief to the people of God.

He stressed that the Priesthood is not a ladder to climb unto a social status. Thus he beckoned on the people of God not to over burden the Priests with unnecessary financial and social demands.

He made them to understand their primary purpose as priests which is for the salvation of souls and that they should lead a worthy life of emulation.

After they were ordained, there were shouts of joy as their were lots of people who showed up for the event amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The Udegbe family expressed their joy and thanked God who has made this day a reality. They equally thanked the bishop for ordaining their sons.


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