I have been working till today too. It seems that after hours work is proving to be the new norm for me. I will now to factor it in my daily activities. With winter, it gets dark early, and this coupled with the cold is not a comfortable time to work late into the evening.

But one has to do what has to be done. The sheepfold needs its hired hand to play his part. I am determined to be found at my post when the Master does come for a visit. The jackals and wolves would be kept away.

The Power Corporation seems to be having troubles with their services. Last night part of the city was without electricity. This morning my part of the city was cut off the grid. No information was given, so what I was trying to do on the computer was lost. That is life.

Watching the news these days is depressing. After the things we saw and heard on TV from the US, now it the turn of African countries. The program “Focus on Africa” of the BBC highlighted today the brutality of the police coupled with their trigger happy behavior.

A seven old boy was shot dead on what seems to be the second floor of the building in his parents’ house by the Kenyan police. The explanation was that the police was trying to shoot in the air. What a poor shot he is.

He must never have been taught how to handle a gun. What a waste of young life with home to become the future president of the country. What is happening to our police forces or police services? Those who are lucky enough to be clothed by the state with tax payers money seems to take delight in killing or brutalizing people.

Those supposed to protect others and make peace have been seen with batons, long pieces of wood beating people in the streets of Kenya and India during the curfew or lockdown. The free publicity and attention the police have received worldwide following the lynching of George Floyd should be a wakeup call to all to work for peace.

I pray that this is the tipping point in the fight against brutality. Civil society has to rise up and demand accountability from our leaders. The truth should no longer be drowned in a sea of lies and unhealthy alliances.

The Director of health services just announced that 6 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the country. They are all arrivals in the country and have since been repatriated to country of origin.

We cannot be too careful, coronavirus is deadly and we can defeat it by watching out. Instead of fighting the virus, some countries are focusing on fighting each other. And the winner is…. coronavirus.

During lunch break, I went for my physical therapy to improve mobility in my joints as a result of aging and the cold weather. Tangible improvement is still to be noticed but I will continue until I come to the end of the scheduled treatment ordered by the Doctor.

What are we to do with human misery in the stories of real people that we know? How can we help make a difference in the lives of people? In otherwise, how can we be Simon of Cyrene to others?

At creation, we are told that God found the world to be good. So why are some carrying a burden so heavy that they can’t walk nor breath? Help me please!

For now, I can’t wait for sports to return on the TV, be it with or without spectators. No matter what you do, for the sake of the common good, please mask up.

Authored by Bishop Frank Nubuasah

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