What can I say about today? Working from home has the advantage of not getting into traffic. After an enthusiastic start to the work week, I was reminded of my appointment on the other side of the city at 13:00 hours. I left the house at 12:30 thinking I had enough time to get there and even wait for my appointment.

It was a business meeting and had to be on time. In the end, I had to call in saying I was going to be a few minutes late. After half an hour, I called in again saying, I would be one hour late.

Traffic was uncharacteristically heavy in the city today. It was bumper to bumper all the way from my street to the Mall on the other side of town. You will not believe me that it took me one hour and ten minutes to get to the Mall. The normal driving time for that time of day was between fifteen and twenty minutes. Where did all the vehicles come from?

When at last I got to the parking lot, I lost the entry time card given to me. I was immediately in trouble. While parking the vehicle, I must have dropped the small slip and could not find it. I informed the guard on duty and she promptly told me that I would have to pay P200 to be able to get out. Okay, I said, I am here to see your boss. I called the boss who was by now concerned that I was lost in GC or Gaborone City and he came down.

It is nice when you are known in high places, you will not get into any trouble. He solved my problem by saying, just do not worry about. How I wish, I would be known in heaven like that. What joy it would be to for help from heaven when needed here on earth!

We had a working meeting in a nice Portuguese restaurant while feasting on a seafood platter for two. I was given some insight into the workings of business today and how the church was to be on the look out for opportunities and how to avoid pitfalls. Investors and developers are future oriented people.

While talking with you today, their sight is on the day after tomorrow or even next week. They must have a crystal ball of the future in their instincts. It was a productive meeting for me as I came out having learnt some basic but serious lessons. Above all was the willingness of Francis to assist me when in need. He said, as a church member, I am willing to assist in whatever area you need my help. That is sweet of you Francis.

I got to understand at the meeting that the traffic jam in the city the result of fuel shortage in the city. People are frantically looking for fuel and when word goes out via social media that this station has fuel all vehicles want to go there.

There was a bad gridlock as a result of panic buying of petroleum products. Why would beautiful Botswana be short of fuel, I asked? Blame the coronavirus! Tankers are parked at the border while the drivers are awaiting their test results before proceeding to enter the country. In the meantime, the traffic situation would not improve as people ‘hunt’ for fuel wherever they can find it.

While driving, I heard on the news of the arrest of a 36-year-old man who was alleged to have raped his own 4-year baby girl and investigations revealed that he had also raped the older sister of 9 years. What enters the minds of people like that? Is there anything we can do to prevent such things from happening? Are people like him in the right state of mind or there is some pathology that needs to be attended to?

It pains me for the man who is supposed to be a father and protector of his daughters. Are there no more women in town? I am worried about this. We should be able to find a way of reaching out to such men before they do more harm to others. What can the church do? Somebody tell me? What can a hapless shepherd on duty at the watchtower do?

As I sit in my prayer corner this evening and think of this, a feeling of sadness overcomes me. What if all those daughters of mine are also abused in such a manner. It is not everyone who has the courage to open up and seek counseling to be free to move on with life.

The result of such silence is carrying the burden, pain and shame of what was not their fault in the first place. Long ago, before the moon went to sleep, a lady friend of mine opined that men are beasts that cannot be tamed. She trusts to man and only tolerates them. She was not going to marry but to serve God as a single woman in the world.

Will my public apology to all women and girls who have been abused in rape or in marriage be sufficient? I am willing to do something to take away some of the pain and especially the shame my sisters, mothers and daughter suffer because my brothers and sons have hurt them irreparably.

As I was downloading all of this to the Lord in prayer, I remembered that today is the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul. One was the leader and head, the other teacher and avid missionary. Both are honored by the church today since both shed their blood for Jesus Christ in the city of Rome. I was interested in what the Apostle Paul would say to the men who abuse children. I prayed for the abused and asked for pardon for the abusers or perpetrators.

We need to start a revolution to mobilize and educate men on issues of sexuality and responsibility.

Authored byBishop Frank Nubuasah

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