Mr Christopher Owusu Marfo, a renowned peace campaigner is saddened by the prevalence of corruption in a country with Christians holding the fort in high spaces.

He said Ghana, per statistics Ghana has a large Christian with about 71.2% of Ghanaians professing their Christian principles and it is worrying that all ill acts stem from such high offices.

The peace campaigner was addressing the congregants of the Maranatha Assemblies of God in Cape Coast last Sunday.

Ghanaba Agnus-Dei Media
Mr Owusu Marfo, a renowned peace campaigner

On his part, Ghana’s political landscape is full of Christians but the setting is where ill acts are prevalent with “individuals who are doing the bribery and the corruption and the stealing of state money for their selfish gains”

“Even though the Christian population is the largest in the Ghanaian political setting, corruption, thievery, lies, have become the order of day.”

Mr Marfo wonders why then corruption in government and political institutions is rife and made a plea on the citizens to help fight the canker that has eaten deep into the moral fibre of the country.

He said parents should tackle the situation from the homes and be good examples to their children to help wipe out the canker.

“Parents should help tackle this evil from the homes by leading good examples”.

Source: Agnus-Dei Media

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