“Contemplating the face of Christ with the heart of Mary our Mother will make us even more united as a spiritual family and will help us to overcome this time of trial” said the Holy father pope Francis in his April letter to encourage all to get involved in this period of devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary .

However a brief history and a better understanding of this month of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is necessary for the uplifting of our spirit of prayers in this month.

The special observance of the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the month of May is certain to have developed from Rome.

It is said to have been recorded in the 13th century that, initially specific dates in the month of May were set aside for the special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Around 1739, this practice became very vibrate in some parts of Italy; this motivated the Archbishop of Genoa to recommend the May Marian devotion to all catholic homes. Not long after this, this practice was promulgated in 1838 with specific prayers to guide the practice of this devotion.

Along the line, Father Latomia who is said to be a lecturer and a Roman priest of the Society of Jesus introduced this practice of Marian devotion in the month of May at the Roman College in his quest to combat immorality and infidelity among the college students.

Hence this practice quickly extended to all colleges belonging to the Society of Jesus even outside the confines of Rome with the motive of instilling morality among these young people. It extended from Italy to France and then Belgium and finally to all catholic homes.

This practice basically has no firm structure but it includes common practices such as singing Marian hymns or Anthems, reading scripture passages and reflections, dedicating time for Marian teachings and famous among these is the recitation of the rosary.

SOURCE: Sir Divine Divine Agyenim-Boateng// AGNUS-DEI MEDIA

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