You have the power to undo your blessings!
It is very great to listen to a positive prophecy about yourself. No one tells you to add the AMENs and the ALLELUIAs. We get to harvests and fund raising programmes and hear a lot of blessings ‘reserved’ for generous contributors. We may even give because of these blessings.

But there have been many times when we have received prophetic utterances about our life and have not seen the effects in our lives. Could it be that the Bible is false? That is absolutely impossible! Could the prophets be false, then? Maybe, yes and, maybe, no!
What could be the case when the prophet is not lying, the message is Biblical but there is no fulfilment of it? Let us look at that for the rest of this post.

Hope you remember the Biblical great prophet Moses. God prophesied, through him, that he will take Israel out of slavery in Egypt and plant them in the land flowing with milk and honey. I guess you remember that God actually led his people out of Egypt and through the Red Sea. I trust you have not forgotten that only two of the people who left Egypt entered Canaan. It is interesting to note that Israel never saw this as an unfulfilled prophecy.

The point is that we have a human link in every prophecy. We have a part to play. God has not made us robots, controllable by prophesies. God has the power to do whatever he wills but refuses to control man and take over our freedom.

The gift of freedom implies that we can undo God’s plans. In the same way as Adam and Eve forfeited Eden, Israel got out of the promised land and Judas went against Jesus, we too can abandon, cancel, re-define or forfeit our prophesies and blessings. God tells us his plans and expects us to collaborate.

If I am given a prophecy that I will be a medical doctor, for example, and fail I to write my second cycle final examinations, I undo the prophecy. If God gives me a chair, I decide to sit on it, ignore it or, even, destroy it. Let us not be interested only in the prophesies; let us work hard to claim them. The devil can never steal our prophesies till we hand them over to him. God still speaks, let us accept and work for what he desires for us. Our work is only to be obedient and positive contributors. Always position yourself to make your blessings your own.


By Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare of Obuasi Diocese


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